Our Services

Service Code Service Name Pest Covered
HPS Household Pro Service Cockroaches: German, American & Brown Banded, oriental.
Ants: Little Black Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Crazy Ant, Carpenter Ant, Ghost Ant,Sliver fish.
TPS Termite Pro Service (Pre & post Construction) Subterranean Termites
GPS Garden Pro Service Garden Termites
RPS Rodent Pro Service Rodents: House Mouse, Roof Rat, Norvegicus Rat, Lesser Bandicoot Rat & Greater Bandicoot Rat.
BBPS Bed bug Pro Service Bedbugs
FPM Fly Pro Services Filth Flies: House Flies, Flesh Flies, Blow Flies, Fruit Flies, Drain Flies, Phorid Flies
MPS Mosquito Pro Service Mosquitoes: Anopheles Spp, Aedes Spp, Culex Spp.
LPS Lizard Pro service House Lizards
SPS Spider Pro service Cobweb Spiders & Jumping Spiders
DIW Disinfecting works Disinfecting works of the premises
PRS Pro-Guard Service Stored Product Insects
SPS Snake Pro Service Snake
BSPS Bee safe Pro Service Honey Bees
WPS Wood Borer Pro service Wood Borers: Lyctids, Bostrichids, & Anobiids
PPS Pest Pro service All other pest (Seasonal Pest and Occasional Invader)